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Sonogram shows dying twin holding the hand of his sisterĀ 

Brittani McIntire never expected to be told she was expecting twins. But the announcement that followed shortly thereafter took that happy surprise and tragically crushed it. Doctors quickly noticed one of the babies wasn't growing properly, WHNT reports. A sad realization that cast a dark cloud over the pregnancy.
The video below reveals the unborn boy clocked in at only about a quarter of his twin sister's weight, and suffered from a malformed heart and brain. BabyCentre suggests one twin can occasionally die in utero during twin pregnancies due to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, which is when the blood flow to both babies is distributed in a heavily unbalanced way. One baby absorbs most of the nutrients, leaving the other unable to grow properly.
Despite these terrible news, McIntire and husband Ian received a pleasant source of solace this last week: a sonogram picture of the twins seemingly holding hands. Little Mason, the smaller baby boy, can be seen in the video below holding on to healthier sister Madilyn's finger.
"She's the only one who can actually be there and is holding onto him... So it's comforting to know that if he does pass, he won't be alone," McIntire said of her children. Mason and Madilyn's fate is still undecided, but at least the family will have this beautiful moment to cherish forever.
Resources WHNT and BabyCentre
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