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Ellen and Adele team up to prank Jamba Juice employees (video)

The setup: Adele's "assistant" walks into a Jamba Juice location in New York City and explains to the employees that Adele is about to come into their store, and requests that the Grammy-winning star be treated like any other customer. Watch the full video below.
The punch line: Adele isn't like any other customer. With Ellen DeGeneres talking to her through an earpiece and telling her exactly what to say and do, Adele has the starstruck Jamba Juice employees nonplussed when she requests a large smoothie in a small cup, then goes from not liking the sound of anything on the menu to ordering everything on the menu.
Things really get crazy when Adele, still following DeGeneres' instructions, uses a pair of scissors to cut some of the wheatgrass growing in a container on the counter. She stuffs it into her mouth, declares it delicious, then begins imitating a "deer in a forest." By the time the British singer dumps the contents of her purse, which DeGeneres had packed, onto the counter — revealing a roll of toilet paper, knives and candy — the employees are completely baffled.
The wrap: Adele finally lets the bewildered employees in on the secret by telling them "I'll tell Ellen DeGeneres to pay, because she's been telling me what to say!" As they laugh, the singer immediately spits out the wheatgrass and declares, "This is disgusting!"
Resources N.Y. Daily News
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