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Woman gives birth alongside nurse who helped deliver her 25 years ago

In September of 1990, Daphney Jones Walker, a registered nurse at Brookwood Hospital in Alabama, helped Dawn Ellard deliver a baby girl. Dawn named her daughter Brittany, and would frequently tell Brittany about the wonderful nurse who was there on the night she was born. "I've listened to Mom sweetly remember her hundreds of times," Brittany remarked in a Facebook post.
As fate would have it, Brittany's birth wouldn't be the last time she, her mother, and Daphney were all in a room together. Twenty-five years after she was born, Brittany found herself at Brookwood Hospital, preparing for the birth of her daughter. On the night before she welcomed baby Caroline to the world, the door to her room swung open and a familiar face appeared.
"When Daphney walked into the room, Mom immediately knew who she was - from 25 years ago," Brittany wrote. Dawn began to cry as did Daphney and the two shared a warm embrace. Daphney looked over mother and daughter until her shift came to a close, just as she did two decades ago. 
But it would seem that Caroline wasn't ready to make her introduction without Daphney there by her side. "I labored all day but Caroline just wasn't quite ready to come out," the new mother mentioned. It wasn't until Daphney returned to Brookwood that Brittany gave birth. 
"There I was, 25 years after she helped me take my first breath, relying on sweet Daphney," Brittany wrote. Her touching tale has taken the Internet by storm and has brought plenty of attention to the magnificent nurse at Brookwood. 
Meanwhile, Brittany is at home, keeping her hands full with a healthy and happy baby.
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