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Man awakes from coma after wife rejects advice to take him off life support 

Danielle Josey Davis was told that there was a 90 percent chance her husband wouldn't wake up from the coma. Danielle and Matt had tied the knot just seven months before a tragic motorcycle accident put Matt in the hospital on life support. Doctors told Danielle that she ought to consider taking him off life support, but she rejected their advice, ABC News reports.
Danielle took her husband home to care for him each and every step of the way. After three months, he awoke. In emulating the actions of his therapist, Danielle asked Matt to reach out for a toy motorcycle. To her surprise, he did just that. Before long he began to communicate with her, but it was a bittersweet moment for Danielle, who soon learned that her husband had no recollection of his wife. 
Since that fateful accident, Matt has had to relearn so many of the things he'd mastered earlier in life. He's had to learn how to walk, drive, and ride a bicycle. He's even had to get to know his wife once again. The couple told "CBS This Morning" that they hope to have another wedding sometime in the near future.
"I'm sure glad I married her," Matt told ABC News. Without his wife's undying love and support, he may not be here today. She's been by his side all throughout the many sessions of physical therapy. In their downtime, the couple likes to go to yoga and play Scrabble together.
Below, see the couple's interview with "CBS This Morning."
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