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Stranger buys man lunch after watching him give his change to woman in need 

Fernando Herrera caught sight of a touching scene inside of a Hook's Wings restaurant and knew he had to share it with the world. A man who appeared down on his luck entered the restaurant in hopes of getting a warm meal. He was approached by a woman and her son who were in need of a few bucks in order to catch the bus home. The kind man opted to forgo his meal and handed over the only money he had to the mother and son.
Herrera was bowled over by the man's generosity and ran after him as he left the restaurant. Herrera offered to buy the man a meal. He was reluctant at first, but eventually gave in. "I thanked him for showing me that money doesn't mean anything if you aren't helping others," Herrera recounted in a Facebook post, "In tears he thanks me and hugged me."
The touching tale was posted by Love What Matters and has been shared nearly 30,000 times.
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