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Couple's faith leads them to hold on to baby who had no heartbeat for 3 weeks

Candace Gaines and her husband Dennis were beyond excited when they learned of Candace's third pregnancy. The parents of two felt that they needed one more child to complete their home. But in August of 2007, when Candace was just 8 weeks pregnant, she and her husband got unsettling news from the doctor. 
Dr. Terryberry administered an ultrasound after Candace had experienced unexpected bleeding. The results showed that the baby's heartbeat had ceased beating, the Christian Broadcasting Network reported. Understandably, the couple was crushed. Doctors set an appointment for the removal of the fetus.
In anticipation of their upcoming appointment, Candace and Dennis prayed for their unborn child. Upon arrival at the doctor's office, the parents asked for another ultrasound, hoping for a miracle. They were once again met with disappointment, as their baby showed no sign of life.
There were further discussions about how the doctors would go about removing the fetus. One last appointment was set, and the parents continued to pray for their child. On August 17, when Dennis asked for one last ultrasound, something truly special occurred - there was a heartbeat. 
Dennis and Candace are now happy parents to three healthy children. "We really trusted God and we believed this could happen," Dennis told the network.
See their full story below.
Resources The Official 700 Club and CBN
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