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Compilation of adorable clips between dads and kids

From deadbeat dads who skip child support payments to less intelligent father figures such as Homer J. Simpson, modern pop culture is awash with negative stereotypes of fathers. While stereotypes typically have some factual basis in that some people in the typecasted group act the way they are portrayed, more often than not, the stereotype does not hold true across the board.
One has to look no further than "America’s Funniest Home Videos" to prove the inaccuracy of the common dad stereotypes. In a video mashup from the television program, dads show that they are interested, engaged parents too. One dad shows his hairdressing skills and ingenuity by putting his daughter's hair in the perfect ponytail with a few movements of his hands and a vacuum hose. No brush required. 
Another dad showed that he had the Force. He stood back while he playfully “blasted” his daughter as she stood on the bed. With each blast, she would fall down on the bed, only to get up and ask for more.
Still another was singing the praises of his child in the bathroom mirror, telling her how great she was, until he realized he was being secretly filmed.
People who viewed the viral video posted by Kyoot Kids have watched it more than 5 million times. Most of those who have taken the time to comment seem to have enjoyed it because it is funny and portrays dads in a positive light. 
Watch the video below to see if you agree.
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