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Kids on school bus sing "Happy Birthday" to a grandma waiting outside 

Doris Vehar loves kids. She loves them so much that for the past five years she has run out of her house to greet the local school bus with waves and air kisses. Vehar’s daily routine began when her granddaughter was a student at Fairfax Elementary School, the elementary school that the bus services. Since that time, Vehar has become a surrogate grandmother to all the children who ride the bus.
Like a real grandma, the 88-year-old widow makes treats for the kids who ride the bus and accepts the artwork they make for her with a glad heart. Recently, the kids on the bus did something for Vehar that she’ll never forget. When the bus came down Vehar’s street, all the children pushed down their windows and sang “Happy Birthday” to their “grandma.” The sweet gesture was captured on video by a neighbor, who later uploaded it to Facebook, where it went viral. 
In the weeks and months since the video was first posted to Facebook, Vehar has received lots of well-wishes and media attention. She even got to do something she never thought she'd get to do. She got to hug and kiss all the kids. 
"I kissed every one on that bus," she said to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "Every one. My best wish. It was my best wish in the 17 years since my husband has been gone. I got to hug them all."
Children Sing Happy Birthday to Grandma | Daily Heart Beat

These children on a school bus help a grandma celebrate her birthday with the sweetest gesture.

Posted by Poke My Heart on Monday, March 14, 2016
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