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Man gives waitress generous tip after being reminded of his mother

On the outside motivational speaker Sean Whalen looks like every bit the tough guy. He has a "Duck Dynasty" beard, loves firearms and fighting. One of the rules Whalen teaches his followers to abide by is to be “lions not sheep.” To Whalen, being a lion is not necessarily about being fierce. It’s about taking action instead of being passive. Whalen showed just how to live that out recently.
He was at a Chinese restaurant with his son, when he saw something that took him back to his childhood — a single mother busting her hump to provide for her children. His mother did the same thing for Whalen and his brother when his parents split up. The thought moved him so much that instead of just commiserating with the woman and her struggles, he took action and left a big $100 tip for the waitress, even though his bill was less than $30. 
Whalen, who has more than 180,000 followers on Facebook, wrote about the experience. In the post he recounted what happened at the Chinese restaurant and how that tied in with his personal story. Read the full note below.
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