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3-year-old Claire Ryann sings "Gethsemane" 

A 3-year-old girl’s rendition of “Gethsemane,” a popular gospel song is taking the internet by storm. The version of "Gethsemane" that is going viral is sung by Claire Ryann. Her YouTube music video for the song has already received in excess of two million views. “Gethsemane,” describes Jesus’ final moments before his crucifixion at the hand of Roman soldiers. The original version of the song was written by Melanie Hoffman. It is on her album, “Stories of Jesus.” Because of the subject matter, Claire originally released the song around Easter time earlier this year. Her vocals were paired with a reenactment of Jesus’ Gethsemane trials.
According to Claire’s Facebook page, she got into the song thanks to her grandmother. Once she heard it, she couldn’t stop singing it. “Before we knew it our house was filled with her tiny testimony singing this song as she played, ate, and as she fell asleep at night,” the post said of Claire's love for the song.
Reactions to the song have been overly positive. LeeAnne2 said the song moved her to tears. “Thank you for sharing! It's heart melting, couldn't help my teary eyes.” YouTube user annette rumley2 said,“This is so precious and beautiful. No words can describe this for me. but AWE. Out of the mouth of babes. Thank you for making this video. Precious.”
Claire is no stranger to internet notoriety. Her last song, “Part of Your World,” from the “Little Mermaid” received more than 22 million views on Youtube according to the Huffington Post.
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