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Watch bride and groom surprise their wedding guests with an epic Irish dance (video)

Going to the wedding of a dancer practically assures a dance performance during the reception. When all your bridesmaids can dance though, that makes the reception even more entertaining! In the case of James and Roisin's wedding, Roisin's bridesmaids took to the floor to perform a traditional Irish dance. Clad in bright, neon green, the bridesmaids took their marks and did not disappoint with their rapid footwork. 
In the vein of the famous theatrical Irish dance production "Riverdance," Roisin's bridesmaids put on a dance performance that had all wedding guests captivated, captured by Motion Media Productions. However, the real star of the show wasn't the bride (who is coincidentally a dancer herself), but rather the groom James! See for yourself as he practically steals the show!
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With the ethereal accompaniment of the fog machine, the newlyweds performed their interpretation of an 80s' rock classic.
March 28   ·  
Love, romance, silliness, and tight moves were all a part of this couple's wedding dance.
March 27   ·  
This is one sassy, sexy wedding performance.
March 26   ·