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This Couple Ends Their Wedding Ceremony In Unique Fashion

Everyone knows the basic order of events at a wedding ceremony. As The Knot explains, the crowd gathers and take their seats, anxiously waiting for the bride to make her way down the aisle. The groom makes his way to the altar, also waiting for his bride to appear. Then there's the procession, where the bride, typically accompanied by her father, gracefully makes her way to the altar with all eyes on her. She greets her soon-to-be husband and the priest begins, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..." The couple will then exchange their vows and promises to one another, followed by the ring exchange. Then the priest officiates the marriage and the husband and wife kiss before they exit the ceremony. 
Most weddings follow that same pattern. The wedding party follows and everyone has a great time. For Gary and Tracy Richardson, they wanted to shake things up a bit. They wanted to keep their guests guessing. After Gary and Tracy are pronounced husband and wife, a song comes on over the speaker. It's C&C Music Speaker "Everybody dance now." The couple turns around and puts their hands in the air. Check out the video below to see what follows: An epic wedding flashmob the Richardsons planned with the help of choreographer Dawn Cherry and musical director Nigel Solway (both from Blu Crew, a fundraising group for Nr Sheffield's Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice in the UK). 
As Gary explains on the YouTube video description, the idea of doing something like this came from their "inspiring" vicar Reverend Kate Bottley of St Mary and St Martin's, Blyth. The vicar suggested the idea when they told her they wanted "something a bit different" for their wedding. And different it was! Even with the growing trend of special wedding dances, the Richardson's wedding clearly stands out. See it below. 
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